Quick Styx

Amplify the energy in your skin
to enhance athletic performance
or improve injury recovery

Are you ready to heal faster?

What is it?

Quick Styx is a range of wearable products, that harness the energy in your own skin.Our range includes:
1) Athletics compression garments for performance.
2) Recovery compression garments for post work out.
3) Wound healing gauzes for skin injuries.

is the same old way good enough?


If you're the kind of person that believes waiting while time heals all wounds, then Quick Styx is not for you.If you believe in enhancing the energy in your own skin to give yourself an edge in athletic performance or a faster recovery then Quick Styx wants to get close to you.

FROM the quick styx community

" Time will heal all wounds is such a 19th century way of thinking "

Tech specs


Quick Styx Gauze helps you recover faster with the power in your own skin.

Performance and recovery


Quick Styx Compression Socks for sore feet
Quick Styx Compression Tubes for sore calves
Quick Styx Compression Sleeves for sore arms
Or you could just stick with the old school cotton socks, and wait.

Surgery, cuts, & grazes

Medical products

Cuts, scrapes, grazes?
You could use a traditional gauze or
You could use Quick Styx. Designed to heal wounds for astronauts and to heal them faster.

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This is our why, this is what drives us at Quick Styx every day.If our mission resonates with you, please help us make the world a better place.